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Summer is here! Get that glowing look that’s perfect for the season.

Summer is here! Get that glowing look that’s perfect for the season.

Glow Guide -

Glow Guide -

Time to bike around the city, go hiking, play soccer outdoors, and hit the beaches with the OG gang. We’re definitely in for a lot of outdoor escapades that will be documented on our IG stories and in the multiple chat groups we’re part of. Looking radiant while we sweat or laze around is a must, so let’s get glowing with our summer BFFs from SNAILWHITE! Here’s how.

1) Cleanse with SNAILWHITE Whipp Soap

This BeautyMNL Best of Beauty 2018 Awardee is a gentle facial cleanser that feels like a cloud on the face. A huge bonus is that it smells really good, too. It’s a beauty bar that creates a luxurious lather when rubbed. What we get in our hands is a soft and fluffy foam that does a great job in gently but intensely cleaning the skin. It has Micellar Technology, which makes use of micelles that attract dirt and oil, effectively pulling them like a magnet away from the face without stripping the skin of its natural moisture. The result is a clear and smooth face with a visibly youthful glow.

Bearberry Leaf Extract visibly brightens the skin while Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Sunflower Oil Concentrate and Balloon Vine Extract help to soothe sensitive areas. Hyaluronsan HA LQH hydrates and refreshes for naturally radiant, dewy and younger-looking skin.

Far from being a chore, washing the face with Whipp Soap feels so relaxing, like a pleasurable activity we can treat ourselves to twice a day— in the morning and at night. After washing with Whipp Soap, the face is already a soft, clear and glowing canvas for whatever we want to put on it.

2) Apply SNAILWHITE CC Sunscreen SPF50/PA+++

Finish off your naturally glowing look by applying this oil-free summer essential that protects all types of skin against UVA and UVB rays.

UVA rays pierce through the skin, causing skin damage, skin aging, and wrinkles. Higher PA or Protection Grade of UVA rays in a sunscreen assures stronger protection against UVA rays. UVB rays, which have higher energy than UVA rays, cause sunburn and skin darkening. SPF50 filters around 98% of these UVB rays. Both UVA rays and UVB rays can increase the risk of developing skin cancer.

SNAILWHITE CC Sunscreen’s SPF50 and PA+++ offer the highest levels of protection available against these undoubtedly harmful rays. Named by Cosmopolitan Philippines as the Best Face Sunscreen on its 2019 Summer Beauty Bucket List, this super lightweight CC cream provides flawless natural coverage without getting cake-y. What makes it our go-to sunscreen for the summer is that it’s ultra-lightweight and oil free. And thanks to Snail Potion and Alps Edelweisse Flower Extract, this CC sunscreen also repairs, brightens and nourishes the skin— it evens out skin tone by correcting any redness and fading sun spots, and removes dull surface cells to show off your skin’s natural glow.

SNAILWHITE’s products were designed specifically for the unique needs of the Asian skin. It enjoys a cult-like following among Asian women, who swear by the positive effects its products have had on their skin.

Get glowing this summer with SNAILWHITE! Put your best radiant summer face forward with Whipp Soap and CC Sunscreen SPF50/PA+++. The cameras are so ready to capture your pak naturally glowing summer lewk!