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How AHAs and BHAs can change your skin for the better

How AHAs and BHAs can change your skin for the better

Glow Guide -

Glow Guide -

Before AHAs and BHAs became common ingredients in skincare products, the only thing we could use to deeply cleanse our skin at home were scrubs filled with harsh grains that did more harm than good. But that’s no longer the case. More advanced skin research has led to skincare brands incorporating mild doses of active acids into their products to help your skin become clear and glowing.


So what is it about AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) and BHA (Beta Hydroxy Acid) that makes them so good? Here’s a quick refresher on how they’re different from each other: AHA is derived from natural substances like citrus fruits, milk, and more. It works on the surface level of your skin and whisks off dead skin cells while promoting collagen production. BHA, on the other hand, loves oil and goes deep into your skin to control sebum production, unclog pores, and soothe redness and inflammation. Together, they can balance your skin out and leave it glowing but not oily. Lucky for you SNAILWHITE’s new Glow Potion AHA·BHA Toner (P395) has both!


Read below how Glow Potion’s two star ingredients change your skin for the better.


Reveal healthy and bright skin without being rough

AHAs and BHAs are classified as chemical exfoliants and are also known as “acids,” but it’s not as scary as it sounds! Chemical exfoliants are just products that often come in a liquid form and contrary to what you may think of acids, these won’t burn, peel, or sting your skin. Instead, they help accelerate your skin’s renewal process (at a microscopic level) so you’re left with clearer and brighter skin! Compared to physical exfoliators that you can feel rubbing against your skin and can see immediate results, but can cause micro-tears on your skin, the results from using a product with chemical exfoliants, like Glow Potion, can be seen over time with consistent use!


Unclog pores at a deeper level

AHAs and BHAs’ fluid consistency allows them to penetrate deep into your pores and catch any dust, bacteria, and makeup that your cleanser may not have been able to remove. It’s those types of pore-clogging elements that AHAs and BHAs can get rid of to prevent surprise acne breakouts, whiteheads, and blackheads from occurring.


Smoothen out skin’s texture

Have you ever wondered why there are days where your skin feels extra rough? It’s because your skin hasn’t renewed itself. Normally, your skin sheds dead skin cells every 27 days. But as you grow older, it won’t be as efficient at regenerating itself anymore. This is why acids like AHA and BHA are needed to help speed up the process. By sloughing off those old skin cells, they can soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as smoothen textured areas on your skin.


Soothe redness and irritation

AHAs and BHAs may be considered “acids” but they’re great at bringing down your skin’s redness, which is a common marker for acne and rosacea. How? By promoting cell turnover they reveal smoother, less congested, and less red skin.


Visibly brightens and evens out your skin tone

Post-acne marks or sun spots often take a while to brighten and even out. But no dark mark is ever too tough for AHAs and BHAs! What are dark spots but formations of old skin cells that haven’t detached from your skin? By regularly using an AHA and BHA product, such as Glow Potion, you’ll be able to remove dead skin cells that are causing your skin to be dull and congested.


Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Beta Hydroxy Acids may be complete opposites as the former is great for treating dry, dull, and tired skin while the latter is perfect for oily, acne-prone, and combination skin types. But together, they’re doubly effective at reducing acne, shrinking your pore size, and brightening tired skin!