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You’ll have nothing but good skin days with SNAILWHITE Brightening Day Cream SPF30/PA+++

You’ll have nothing but good skin days with SNAILWHITE Brightening Day Cream SPF30/PA+++



Whether you’re indoors or outdoors, your skin is vulnerable to environmental aggressors. The sun’s UV
rays? They can penetrate through glass or screen windows of your home, car, or office. Blue light? They
come from phones and computers. PM 2.5 pollution, dust, and smoke particles? With looser lockdown
measures, Metro Manila’s air quality is back to a harmful level again.
All these factors can cause your skin barrier to weaken and break down, making it prone to dullness,
ageing, and other forms of skin damage. The key to achieving skin with a brand new glow—and making
sure it stays that way—is by protecting and strengthening your skin barrier. SNAILWHITE’s new
moisturizer-meets-protector Brightening Day Cream SPF30/PA+++ can help you with that!

The importance of your skin barrier

If you’ve never understood the point of having a skin barrier, think of it this way: It’s a wall that keeps bad
things out and good things in. When your skin’s frontline defense is intact and functioning, the skin is
plump, hydrated, and glowing because it retains and regulates moisture within the skin. When it’s
compromised, however, harmful elements from the environment can penetrate it and cause different
forms of skin damage.
SNAILWHITE Brightening Day Cream SPF30/PA+++ is your skin’s daily dose of defense against the bad
guys. Its formula has Chia Seed Extract, which is rich in fatty acids that are naturally found in the skin
barrier. Aside from strengthening your barrier, it forms an invisible layer over your skin to protect it from
free radical damage from UV rays, blue light, pollution, and dust. Applying it every morning will keep your
skin glowing and protected all day!

Get a brand new glow in just 7 days

The hydrating and brightening combination of SNAILWHITE Potion and Butterfly Bush Extract makes
Brightening Day Cream the perfect daily moisturizer for fading the appearance of dark spots, marks and
giving skin a brand new glow in just 7 days. In a consumer study of 424 women conducted by Asian
researchers, 91% reported that they saw visibly brighter skin, 97% shared their skin was more hydrated,
and 95% agreed that their skin felt smoother after 7 days of use!

Tones up the skin for an even-looking complexion

Is a smooth, even complexion one of your skin goals in 2021? Then SNAILWHITE Brightening Day
Cream SPF30/PA+++ is your new best friend. Its unique pudding texture is quickly absorbed into the skin,
giving your complexion an instant tone-up for a more refined look. And because it applies smoothly and
leaves no greasy residue, you can effortlessly layer your makeup products on top and go about your day,
confident that no free radicals will be able to damage your skin!