You probably already know everything there is to know about essences—how they should be used after
your toner and before your serums and moisturizers, and how they’re famous for being extremely
hydrating (which is why those who live in countries with four seasons can’t get enough of them). If you’ve
ever stopped yourself from buying an essence because you were worried about it making your skin oily,
especially since it’s humid in the Philippines, hard same. The good news is you can finally experience the
brilliance of essences without having to worry about it giving your skin an oily or slick feel. Enter
SNAILWHITE’s innovative Sakura Hazel Soothing Essence Gel. Its formula contains the power of an
essence in a unique gel texture your oily or acne-prone skin will love!

Specially formulated for the Philippine’s humid weather

SNAILWHITE Sakura Hazel Soothing Essence Gel’s lightweight, water-based formulation makes it perfect
for oily, acne-prone skin types. When applied to the skin it leaves a soothing sensation. Plus, the absence
of pore-clogging ingredients allows the skin to easily absorb it without leaving a film or residue that will
make you look shiny.

An essence that goes beyond hydrating

SNAILWHITE Sakura Hazel Soothing Essence Gel minimizes the appearance of pores, helps control
excess oil and sebum, brightens your skin tone while fading dark marks, and calms red and irritated skin.
It’s all because of SNAILWHITE Potion!
Sakura Hazel Soothing Essence Gel’s SNAILWHITE Potion is a combination of Snail Mucin, Sakura
Cherry Blossom Flower extract, Witch Hazel extract, Niacinamide, and Hyaluronic Acid. The blend of
these superstar actives ensures the skin looks bright and poreless day in and day out. From supporting
collagen and elastin production and visibly improving the appearance of dark marks, to brightening your
complexion, to visibly reducing the look of pores, to soothing red and dehydrated skin—it’s everything you
want and need for a glow-up to Sakura-fresh, radiant, and poreless skin!

Free of skincare baddies

You don’t have to go through life’s adventures experiencing skincare woes and emergencies because
SNAILWHITE’s Sakura Hazel Soothing Essence Gel is free of all the baddies that can cause these: there
are no alcohols, silicones, and parabens here. You can take care of your skin all year long without having
to worry about oiliness, dehydration, acne, and redness!