5 Skincare Ingredients that will help you achieve next level glass-skin glow!

5 Skincare Ingredients that will help you achieve next level glass-skin glow!

It was an afternoon of glow and radiance as beauty enthusiasts and ambassadors, publishers and other glowing Filipinas gathered in Whitespace, Makati last Thursday, February 21, to celebrate SNAILWHITE’s official launch. The venue beamed with fresh and bright faces, most especially Erich Gonzales – the brand’s glowing ambassador – who graced the event.

The grand launch started with opening remarks by Dia Lacaba, SNAILWHITE Philippines Managing Director. She educated the crowd on what made SNAILWHITE a skincare holy grail. “Over the past six years, SNAILWHITE has launched new and exciting skincare innovations such as Whipp Soap, which has gained a cult following especially here in the Philippines, Moisture Facial Cream, which is the #1 moisturizer in its home country, Thailand, and various other products that feature its signature Snail Potion technology. The products are really formulated for our type of weather and Asian skin types,” she explained.

She also shared the vision for bringing SNAILWHITE to the Philippines. “Here in the Philippines, my team and I have also done our best to democratize this great skincare technology by keeping the pricing affordable. Filipinos don’t need to hoard SNAILWHITE products whenever they go to Thailand anymore because our prices here are the same as the prices there. We want as many Filipinas as possible to be able to upgrade their skincare routines, and to try out our products.”

SNAILWHITE believes that “beauty is healthy”. Coming off the success of her teleserye The Blood Sisters, where she played triplets, and her latest turn as film producer and music video director, super busy multi-hyphenate Erich Gonzales agrees that skincare is self-care and an investment in oneself. “As an actress, I have super long and demanding work hours. I often have a full face of makeup for my roles so I always need to make sure that my skin gets the proper care it deserves. And since I started using SNAILWHITE every day, I’ve noticed that my skin looks more glowing, fresh, and healthy.”

This cult skincare brand from Thailand took the local beauty scene by storm last year when it was consistently sold out and in-demand in both retail and online stores. The brand’s products include its best-selling Whipp Soap and Moisture Facial Cream. It also carries two crème body washesCC Sunscreen and Jelly Wash.

Whipp Soap has taken the spotlight for months already, but Erich revealed SNAILWHITE’s “hidden gem” at the launch event. She shared that SNAILWHITE Moisture Facial Cream is her favorite skincare product because it’s a wonder cream that addresses all of her skin concerns such as dullness, uneven skin tone, dark spots and dryness, giving her glowing, refreshed skin. What’s not to love?

SNAILWHITE closed the event by kicking off its 21-Days of Gentle Taps Challenge, inviting everyone to try SNAILWHITE Moisture Facial Cream for 21 days and share the results, AND get a chance to win one year’s worth of SNAILWHITE products and Php 50,000!