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Find out how you can become your own glowing goddess!

You’ve seen them on billboards overlooking highways and on social media, and the one thing that came
to mind was how you marveled at their next-level glass skin glow. Over the past few years, the most
famous Thai skincare brand in the Philippines, SNAILWHITE, has become known for showing off its array
of Glowing Goddesses in a new light and getting the country buzzing about their glowing radiance. Erich
Gonzales, Lucy Torres-Gomez, Alex Gonzaga, and Rei Germar have all taken the next step in their
skincare regimens and added the power of SNAILWHITE Potion to achieve their best skin.

Wish you could be more like them? Great news! You can. Check out some of the ideas below!

1. Be real and authentic like Rei

The best way to love and be loved is by being honest with yourself, loving yourself, and being your true
self. No one embodies this trait better than Glowing Goddess Rei Germar. Whether she’s at the beach
having fun in the sand, at home crafting a new beaded bracelet and playing with her fur babies, or
excitedly discussing her new discoveries on skincare and home finds, Rei Germar has never been shy
about being her true self in front and behind the camera. Rei’s authenticity and ability to connect with
everyone on a deeper level—from her family to her friends, and even to her fans—is what makes her
glow and stand out from the rest of her peers.

2. Enjoy the little things like Lucy

With homes being where everything happens nowadays, it’s easy for the lines between work and play to
become blurred, which can lead to stress as you struggle to balance them and keep each part of your life
separate. One thing you can do to avoid falling into a pit of stress over always being cooped up at home?
Enjoying the little things.
Ormoc, Leyte Representative and Glowing Goddess Lucy Torres-Gomez, who has been staying at her
home in Ormoc for the better part of 2020 and 2021, knows a thing or two about this. From setting small
goals, to journaling, to nourishing her skin with the best products and tools, to painting, Lucy has taken
the time to step back from the hustle and bustle of life and made the most out of her situation at home.

3. Don’t forget to have fun like Alex

When life gets too serious, the best thing you can do is try and lighten up the situation. It can be by
watching your favorite TV series, having a virtual get-together with your best friends, whatever you like! If
there’s anyone who’s become an expert at making light of any situation, it’s Glowing Goddess Alex
Gonzaga. She always radiates positivity and a next level glass skin glow because whether she’s applying
her holy grail skincare products, working on a new movie, vlogging, or dancing on TikTok she never
forgets to have fun and not take things too seriously.

4. Embrace your spontaneous side like Erich

Spontaneity doesn’t mean forgetting all responsibility. It’s about going out of your usual routine and
enjoying what happens! While this may be hard to do since you’re most likely at home, don’t worry, you
can still be spontaneous and free there. Start by doing something you’ve always wanted to try but were
always afraid of. This could be baking a cake or drawing or just learning how to sew! The new and
different way of doing your daily routine may come as a shock at first, but you’ll no doubt enjoy it and be
proud of yourself once you accomplish these things. Just look at Glowing Goddess Erich
Gonzales—whether she’s chasing sunsets, going on road trips, pampering herself with the latest skincare
innovations, or playing with furry friends, she’s never afraid to do something different to make happy,
glowing memories.

Ready to become your own Glowing Goddess? Make sure you give their favorite skincare brand a try to
be one step closer to getting that signature SNAILWHITE glow. Since its launch in the Philippines in 2018,
SNAILWHITE has been continuously developing innovative products with breakthrough ingredients to
help you have healthy, beautiful skin like your favorite Glowing Goddesses.

Share with us which goddess you can relate to the most on Instagram and tag us at @snailwhitephils!